About Us

Olmstead Technologies was founded by Eric Olmstead in 2014.

Eric Olmstead has been intimately involved with computer technologies since 1993, yes, back when DOS was still mainstream. Over the years, Eric has obtained knowledge through self-teaching, college and specialized courses, and employer-provided training. Whenever tasked with a project that seemed out of reach, Eric would rise to the challenge, locate the necessary knowledge base, perform the research, and execute the task with precision and efficiency. Having amassed a broad spectrum of technical knowledge, Eric founded the company out of the deep desire to offer knowledge, advice, and solutions to both the corporate and home customer.

While Eric continues to stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and best practices, he is also taking the time to complete relevant courses and certifications. Other credentials coming down the pipeline are several Microsoft credentials necessary to prove that the policies and procedures practiced by Olmstead Technologies are those that are recognized as acceptable standards by Microsoft. Come back for updates as new certifications are obtained!

At the end of the day, it is the mission of Olmstead Technologies to ensure that every conceivable step was taken to deliver the most secure and efficient solution to the end customer.
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