Consumer Support Services:
Olmstead Technologies offers consumers affordable, yet thorough, PC and mobile-device help, and we are prepared to tackle any issues that may arise from the use of such products.
Should your PC catch a cold, we can find a cure!
If you experience trouble installing a program or peripheral, we can get it done!
Aquire a new smart-device and want it added to your smart-home? We can help get it all connected.
Want to host your own personal cloud? We can make it a reality! Why not keep your private information, well, private? Why send it to the cloud to sit on high-profile 3rd-party servers, just begging to be hacked? We can offer a customized solution, tailored to each customers specific needs, which will allow any-time, any-day access to all of your private files, all while keeping them safe at your own home or business.
SMB and Enterprise-Class Support Services:
Olmstead Technologies offers complete PC and Server technical support.
Don't have the need for an in-house IT solution? Down-sizing and need a more cost-effective solution, while maintaining the same reliabilty? It's actually very common for smaller businesses to contract out to IT professionals to design, implement, maintain, and support the critical IT infrastructure necessary to do business each day. Olmstead Technologies prides itself in providing on-time, scalable, cost-effective solutions that maximize reliabilty and security. We are happy to provide service to your place of business, whether the task is as small as installing a network printer or scanner, or as large as a scalable enterprise email/domain/ftp/web-hosting solution. We can even offer our own in-house email- and web-hosting, enabling our customers to experience the same level of service and expertise without any up-front equipment cost!
Perhaps you are just looking for sound technical advise. We are here to help you!
Any other Technology concerns?
Have a technology question or concern not mentioned above? Please, feel free to Contact Us! If we don't have an immediate solution, we can find it!
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